We are Wessex

Wessex Investments

is a privately held company based in Weston, Florida. It was created as a result of a need to professionalize business and to create value to existing assets and businesses in the United States.
The State of Florida was our first incursion on the industry.
Its origin specifically was related to Restaurant investment and management but it shifted its focus to other businesses as distribution, logistic and retail investment.
Its contact throughout the Caribbean and Latin America Region, in addition to the vast multidisciplinary experience of its team allowed the company to expand and be successful in other businesses.

However, Wessex never lost focus on its main objective:
growing business in the United Stated.


Weston, Florida - USA

Company Type

Privately Held


Structuring investments in different industries: restaurants, logistics, real estate, retail, restaurant and asset management. Facilitating ventures in United States is the goal for the company.