Our Leaders

Esteban Morano

He earned a Degree in Advertising, with various specializations, such as Marketing and other related disciplines.

With over 30 years of experience in the advertising field, he has partner to BMC Advertising and participated in its transformation from being a trading company to Sherwin Williams, Warner Brothers Pictures, Fox Channel, among others, meaning a significant achievement for a 100% Argentine agency.

He was CEO of BMC until May 2000, when he decides to found a new company: Branders Communications, being its managing partner until September 2010, the date on which the agency integrates (merges with?) the Brazilian holding Totalcom, under the name of Fischer America Argentina, an integral communications agency in which he became partner, VP of Media and Operations.

His extensive career in the field of advertising and marketing in Argentina, took him in mid-2016 to settle in Miami, Florida, United States where he actively collaborates in the development of marketing strategies for companies in various industries such as Food (Gourmeat), Finance (MoMaT), Real Estate (IDG Homes), Logistics (North American Transportation), Immigration (American Regional Center Group -ARCG-) or Development (Smartors), to name a few.

Jose Barile

Jose was born in the City of Córdoba, Argentina. He is a Certified Public Accountant, received at the National University of Córdoba. His greatest experience lies in the development and structuring of different types of business, with a main focus in the areas of Finance and Commercial.

Dedicated to the graphic media in Córdoba and Buenos Aires between 1992 and 2001, he participated in the development of a large number of local, regional and national media.

Among his achievements, his participation as a partner and director in ventures such as: El Planeta Urbano, leading monthly magazine in its segment from its creation to the Date; Gráfica Mediterránea, printer of books and magazines of high quality and packaging, with large clients such as Unilever, Pepsico or Procter & Gamble; COMBUNOR, wholesaler of fuel with annual sales exceeding 6 MM gallons; Eco Urban, a company that supplies urban hygiene products in the province of Córdoba and Petrolera Argentina, a wholesale fuel company that focuses on retail sales -one of its latest developments-, in the South of Argentina.

José is the 'Financial Eye', the guardian of your investment with Wessex.